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How to Sell a Car with Outstanding Loan?


One worry you may have if you suddenly got caught in financial crisis is how to free up some cash and cut down on your expenses. If you have huge monthly obligations such as car loan payments, this could be extra challenging. You might think that selling […]

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Basic Car Loan Requirements


Your car loan application will consist of a number of things before you get approved to own your dream car. Knowing and preparing them in advance can help you undergo the quickest and simplest process there is. Credit Rating Whenever you are looking to borrow money or […]

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Bad Credit Auto Loan Tips


Everyone knows that bad credit can affect most of our financial moves, including auto loan application. However, bad credit shouldn’t be seen as hindrance to finding the perfect deal for your situation. Don’t judge your credit Your credit might not be dazzling, but you can’t just assume […]

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Your Car Financing Options


One of the biggest purchases you will ever make in life is buying your own vehicle. Fortunately, there are many options to get one without breaking the bank. If you want to keep your savings where they are, here are some options for financing your brand new […]

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Do You Need Car Insurance?


You will always be required to have car insurance if you own or drive a vehicle. In some instances, though, you might wonder if you still need it. You do not own a vehicle You might think that not having your own car will spare you from […]

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Buying vs. Leasing Pros and Cons


The thought of driving a new car is always exciting, but it doesn’t end with choosing a car make and model. One of your many considerations will be whether to buy a car or lease it. It could be hard to tell the winner if these two […]

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Car Leasing Considerations


As the term implies, car lease allows you to drive a car for hire. Like a car loan, it is one way to have a new car when you don’t have enough cash to make a lump sum payment. However, unlike a car loan, you don’t gain […]

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Used or New: Which Car Should I Buy?


If you’re thinking about purchasing a vehicle, the first of the many debates you would encounter is whether to buy new or used one. It’s a given that every buyer would want a brand-new auto, and there’s no need to explain why. However, many end up buying […]

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Pros and Cons of Refinancing a Car Loan


Refinancing in simplest terms can be defined as taking out a new loan to replace your old one. Usually, this is done in order to have the terms of the loan changed, such as extending the loan period and lowering monthly payments. Refinancing can be an attractive […]

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An Overview of Car Loans and Finance


Being probably your second biggest purchase next to a home, buying a car involves careful decision making. If like most of the population, you can’t afford to buy a car in cash, let alone afford a down payment, you need assistance for financing your vehicle. Two main […]

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